Secret Plush Toys Date Revealed

September 30, 2008 by

On October 24th, Toys ‘R Us will be selling Club Penguin plush toys. (See my last sneak peek.)

Every toy will come with a toy that can be redeemed on-line for a special treat.

Be sure to save your money. You never know what prizes you might get from these toys.

Credit to Kingpin2


viking helmet contest on cp

September 27, 2008 by

On October 24th, Club Penguin will have a signup for everyone to have a chance to win a free limited edition viking penguin. They will be giving away 1000 viking penguins to 1000 lucky people.

See the Viking penguin picture in full size.

I also have a picture of what the sign up looks like.

~penguin38006423 credit to kingpin2

Mission 9 Spoiler

September 25, 2008 by

Today a new issue of the Club Penguin Time’s was released.

First, go to the last page of the newspaper. Their you will find a small paper on aunt arctic’s table. Click on it and the following message will appear.

Click the center of the paper. Doing that, will redirect you to another page. After you get to the page, click on the red book that is being held by the green penguin.

Another paper will be shown. Click on the center of the paper.

Click on the cookie the pink penguin is holding.

Click the middle of the paper once again.

Now click on the TV that is on the top right of the paper.

Continuously, click on the paper.

Next, click on the green penguin’s cup of coffee.

Now a message from G will appear. It’s basically telling you to prepare for a new fun and exciting mission.

For the club penguin fall fair, their are lots of new secrets hidden. Club Penguin members will be able to enter a special room in Club Penguin. It will have special games for the members. (Non-members won’t be allowed in, but their will be many fun and games for them to.)

Get ready for the Fall Fair. Starts tomorrow, and I will have loads of cheats and secrets posted as soon as the update occurs

Credit to Kingpin2

Fall Fair Spoiler

September 24, 2008 by

The Fall Fair is almost here. It starts Friday, and Rockhopper is probably making his journey back to join us.

Their will be many fun games and prizes to win. One of the prizes may include the cotton candy or lollipop.

Credit to Kingpin2

New Mission Sneak Peak

September 22, 2008 by

Hello Penguins!

We’re hearing from so many of you that you can hardly wait for a new mission to come out.  It’s too early to give away many details, but I can show you this:

missionsketch.jpgWhat do you think? I’ll be sharing more soon, so stay tuned! Try to play the previous missions so you’re really prepared! For those of you who aren’t already Secret Agents, if your penguin is 30 days old, you can click on the M on the top right of your player card and then click the button that says: “Become a Secret Agent”.  You’ll get to take a quiz to apply. 

In Other News: The Fall Fair begins on Friday.  Please remember that if you earn tickets from the Fall Fair games, make sure you redeem them at the ticket booth before you log out, or they’ll be gone!

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Furniture Catalog Cheats

September 19, 2008 by

The new Better Igloos Catalog has arrived! No Halloween stuff yet as this catalog has a Theatrical Theme! Check out it out below…..

Better Igloos Sept – Oct Furniture Catalog New Items

  • Ticket Booth – 580 Coins
  • Red Carpet – 200 Coins
  • Popcorn Machine – 1,000 Coins
  • Velvet Rope (As Seen In Billybob’s Sneak Peek) – 160 Coins
  • Blue Curtain – 350 Coins

  • Student Desk – 650 Coins
  • Classroom Desk – 250 Coins
  • Classroom Chair – 150 Coins
  • Wall Chalkboard – 410 Coins

Better Igloos Sept – Oct Cheats

click the Wall Chalkboard for the Chalkboard (260 Coins)

click the flames in the bottom part of the Pizza Oven to make them move, click it a second time for the Stainless Steal Fridge (750 Coins)

click the Music Notes (Eighth Note) for the Guitar Stand (300 Coins)

click the Umbrella from the Umbrella Table for the Blender (220 Coins)


Penguin Times

September 18, 2008 by

Fall Fair

a few unopened box’s from Rockhoppers Special Delivery where uncovered! That means new games and prizes! Prize Tickets will also be making a comeback. Penguins who have memberships can expect other surprises as well!! Don’t miss this seasons Fall Fair making its awesome come back September 26th!

Stage Review

there is a special Stage Review section from the new Film Noir play “The Ruby and The Ruby”. Located on page A4 and A5 is the review. If you click the detective on the left side once the page will turn dark, click him again and we will start to thought! Just like Rory & Rookie during the Penguin Games! Put your courser over Ruby (the girl in the Red Dazzle Dress next to the Detective) and some info on the play will pop up.

Autumn Review (Again!)

the Autumn Review from last weeks paper is back with some new sneak peeks!

move the leafs shown in the pic above to view the sneak peeks! The sneak peeks are also shown below….

In Focus

In Focus: Surf’s Up!

Rockhopper’s Note

Rockhopper left a special note on page C3!! Rockhopper also left a note to the publishers of the CP Times, that note reads: “Ahoy Lass. Please be sure to publish this notice on ye paper. Many thanks and fair winds!” If you click on it the note to CP disappears so you can read the real note! The real note reads: “September 19th be a grand day indeed, for it be the perfect time for pirate penguins to appear. Remember to wear ye best pirate attire and, most important, talk to ye buddies like ye be a proper sea-faring penguin. Arr! I’ll be thinking of ye!” ~C.R. Sounds like Rockhopper may be coming soon! I’ll be wearing me pirate attire on the 19th!

Upcoming Events

finally the upcoming events!!

Full Credit to Artic360

Club Penguin Igloo Stuff

September 17, 2008 by

Igloo Furniture

Hello Penguins!

A lot of you are asking about the igloo decorating contest that’s coming up in October.  I’ll be getting you more details later on, but for now I can tell you that the grand prize will be 25,000 coins!!  Imagine all the awesome stuff you’ll be able to buy with that.  Speaking of decorating your igloo, new furniture items are coming out on Friday.  I don’t want to ruin all of the surprises, but here is something you’ll see:
furniturefriday.jpgIn Other News: We’ve had some comments on how much you’re loving the challenge of the new play at The Stage.  From what we’ve heard from you, Ruby and The Ruby seems to be a huge hit!  We’re glad you like it – and we’ve also been noticing how much you’ve been helping other penguins solve the mystery.  It’s really cool.

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

New Forum

September 17, 2008 by

Hey its Hey1509 and I have created a forum that Me,Penguin38006423,and Farahnaz Fan will be working on! Here is the link plz sign up and join. ——-> Please come!

New Stage Play

September 12, 2008 by

The first pin, the Magnifying Glass, is located on the tree at the Dock.

Here’s how to get the second pin, the Ruby.

  1. Go to the Stage
  2. Click the things in the following order: Vase, Trashcan, File Cabinet, Door, Painting
  3. Click the Safe behind the painting.
  4. You now have the Ruby pin!

There is a background for nonmembers in the Catalog.

To get the secret Noir background, open the Costume Catalog at the Stage. Then flip to the back cover, and drag down the words.

Credit to watex from here up

Costume  Catalog Secrets

Click the doorknob on the 4th page for the Dark Detective’s Coat

And there is a second pin after the ruby which is a magnifying glass

Which is at the dock!